What's Up, Y'all?

  • Love Through Unconditional Eyes

    Love Through Unconditional Eyes

    The neighborhood in which I live is commonly known as the “gayborhood” but we love sharing our community with the straighties. Anyway, just saw a cute older couple (mid 60’s) pushing a stroller down the street. Of course I had to go up and say hi because that stroller they were pushing was FABULOUS. As you may have suspected inside of it was a lil thingie. (more…)

  • Good Service

    Good Service

    Surely I’m not the only one who goes through the self checkout at Kroger, checks himself out promptly and efficiently and then walks over to the “I Received Good Customer Service Bell” and rings it…surely??

  • Football Makes Me Tired

    Football Makes Me Tired

    In response to someone telling me they were going to “learn me football soon”. I’m repeating this because I think it may be the key to explaining why sports and me go together like Christmas lights in a Ficus tree, no ma’am!! “Umm NO. The last time I tried to learn football I was in early elementary school. My daddy thought it was a good idea…


  • Filling Station “Sissying Me Up”

    Filling Station “Sissying Me Up”

    Obviously I’m as butch as I can be. I wonder why it is that the filling station always has a way of sissying me up during my visit there. Take today for example. My car always stays running while gas is being filled into it. I stick the gun thingie in the hole and decide that I need to get some of the bugs off my windshield. Did you know that the auto wipers are not sensitive to bug splatters but are highly sensitive to the windshield sponge thingie. **insert first scream**


  • Arkansas Times “Best Of” Votes

    Arkansas Times “Best Of” Votes

    A  few weeks ago it was brought to my attention that several of you guys got on line and voted for me in the decorator column of the Arkansas Times “Best Of” issue.

    To be “voted” the best at something does not necessarily make one the better subject, in my opinion it simply means the name is more recognized at the time of the poll via marketing, self promotion and of course hard work.


Who, Me?

By rights, I should be The Daily Show’s ‘Senior Gay Correspondent’ but given Jon Stewart’s retirement, this year I’m launching this website to have a place to share the Larry West Jr. point-of-view on all things. How things are and how things should be. Yes, I’m an interior decorator by trade and in my heart of hearts. But I also have opinions about politics, traffic, our relationships with our pets, and my Red Carpet Commentary is legendary.