Construction Management

Larry West Jr. and his team are the liaison between the client and the builder. It is a management service that works to sustain and build that all-important relationship between contractor and client. That helps you, the client, by alleviating the often exhausting decision-making process by managing the project and looking for possible solutions to issues the contractor might even miss. LWJ prides itself in having that extra set of eyes that every project needs. There is an advantage to using Larry and his team; they can help you avoid financial mishaps with his unique services he and his team provide. They handle the billing, all the details and all the communication concerning your design/project. Larry takes full responsibility for the outcome of your project from start to finish including add-ons and other last-minute changes. No one else provides what Larry West Jr. and his team supply.

So whether it is upholstery, needing movers, finding the right sub contractors, adding a third floor to your existing property, home remodel to new construction, LWJ and his team have it covered.